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Craig Summer

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The Verger is an old English tradition that was primarily responsible for protecting processions. As such they carry a "verge" which was at the time a mace or small spear. Today Vergers are generally responsible for making sure worship goes smoothly and oversees the Acolytes, Servers, and Readers.

Craig was born in Dallas, Texas just prior to Americas’ entry into WWII. His family began attending St. Matthew’s Cathedral and it served as his family church home.  After serving in the U.S. Air Force during the Viet-Nam era he returned to Texas & completed college earning  B.A. degrees in History & Geography. He & wife Helen raised their large family within the extended parish family of St. Stephen’s, Sherman. Now retired from his career in the management of multi-plex theatres, he donates his time and talent to a variety of tasks around the parish.

As a lifelong member of the Episcopal Church I treasure the liturgy and traditions that are the hallmark of our worship. Serving as an Acolyte, Server & Master of Ceremonies for almost seventy years has in many ways defined my life.