Bible and Theology

Publication of articles of interest to those in the Episcopal Church

Guilds and Orders

The Dominican Order was founded in the Middle Ages to preach and teach the Faith. The modern Anglican Order follows in those footsteps as part of the Anglican Communion.
Men's service and devotion organization.
Episcopal Branch of the CBS. Dedicated to promoting honor of the Blessed Sacrament.
Women's fellowship and spiritual group in the Episcopal Church
Episcopal Guild promoting traditional Christian funeral practices, unction, and praying for the faithful departed
Order dedicated to the revival of ministry of healing in the church
Order for Episcopal Lay Servers
Episcopal group for those with a special devotion to the Theotokos (God bearer) the Blessed Virgin Mary

Missions and Evangelism


Traditional Anglo-Catholic seminary in Wisconsin
Episcopal Seminary in Texas
Diocesan school for the Diaconate and Lay ministry
Evangelical Anglican Graduate School of Theology in Toronto, Canada.

Wider Church

Campground at Lake Texoma for the Diocese of Dallas
Our Cathedral in Dallas
The worldwide Anglican Communion

Worship and Prayer

Versions from all over the Communion with historic versions as well
Morning and Evening Prayer Online
Another Morning and Evening Prayer site online with some traditional options