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Our mission in Sherman is to grow in our love of God and unite all people with God through Jesus Christ.

We accomplish that through worshiping God who is reveled in Scripture, through being disciples of Jesus Christ the Son of God, through outreach in proclaiming the Gospel to all peoples, and through fellowship in love for one another.

Our logo is made of several symbolic elements that communicate who we are:

1- The White Cross: The Cross has been a Christian symbol for close to 2000 years, as it was on such a cross that Jesus died for the sins of the world. White is the color of purity for by the Cross of Christ we are washed and made clean from our sins and brokenness.

2- The Red Doors: Red Doors mean "sanctuary". You'll find the entrance to our Sanctuary has red doors which can be seen prominently from outside. By this you know that inside you can find peace with God and a place of prayer and protection.

3- The Golden Stole: The sash looking object is a "Stole" which is the Vestment worn by Deacons. St. Stephen is considered to be of the first Deacons as recorded in the Book of Acts chapter six. Deacons are above all servants, as we are called by Christ to be servants to each other and the world.

4- Our Motto: "To be Full of Faith and the Holy Spirit" is the way the Scriptures describe St. Stephen in Acts 6:5. Like Stephen we seek to be disciples of Jesus in being faithful to his calling and guided by the Spirit to fulfill our mission to grow in our love of God and unite all people with God through Jesus Christ.


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