February 2020  
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The Rev'd J. Wesley Evans, OPA

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Fr. Evans is our new Rector and was originally from North Carolina before moving to Texas to attend Dallas Theological Seminary in 2004. While there he read more deeply of the Church Fathers and eventually settled into Anglicanism due to its emphasis on the Sacraments, Tradition, and Apostolic Succession of Bishops. It was also at DTS where he met his wife, Alicia, another ThM major with an interest in the cultural backgrounds of the New Testament.

After graduating with a ThM and joining the Episcopal Church, he was sent by the Bishop to Nashotah House to obtain a degree in Anglican Studies. Nashotah was a formative period for him, and he became enchanted by the worship of God found in the traditional Anglo-Catholic liturgy found at the House.

After his return, and serving as a Deacon at Good Shepherd in Terrell, he completed his Ordination Process and served as an Assistant Priest while at Holy Nativity in Plano. The Bishop assigned him as a supply to St. Stephen's and he started full time as our Priest in Charge in until becoming Rector in December 2016.

As part of his continuing spiritual discipline, growth, and ministry formation he is a Novitiate in the Anglican Order of Preachers (Dominicans), and holds memberships in the Evangelical Theological Society, the Guild of All Souls, and the Order of St. Luke the Physician. On the side, his research interests include medieval theology, liturgics, and spiritual warfare. When not engaged in teaching or study he enjoys hiking, board games, Western martial arts (rapier and longsword) and has recently taken up learning to play the recorder.

Lay Leadership Board

Parish Vestry

The Vestry are the lay leaders in charge of ensuring the proper care and maintenance of the finances and facilities. In our Church we often make a distinction between the "spiritualities" and the "temporalities". The spiritualities are things such as spiritual care, worship, etc. and other aspects of spiritual life. Those are under the charge of the priest. The priest is also in charge of how the facilities are used. Other things are the temporalities which include the budget, endowments, checking accounts, and facility maintenance. Sometimes the Vestry also takes on other leadership roles as needed. Vestry are elected on three year cycles at each Annual Meeting.



Linda Pease

Linda is the daughter of Presbyterian minister, and became a confirmed Episcopalian in 2001. She graduated from Oklahoma University where she studied organ and church music with the great organ teacher Mildred Andrews. After graduation, she worked for over 40 years as an organist and sometime choir director. Later she pursued also a degree in music therapy from Texas Woman's University. She then had a opportunity to help others through music as a rehabilitation specialist at the Napa State Psychiatric Hospital in California.

"My faith in Jesus Christ, my savior, is the mainstay of my life and I have found the 1928 and the Rite 1 mass the form of worship that is the most inspirational expression for me. Consequently, I find playing services at St. Stephen's an honor and a very meaningful challenge."       


Craig Summer

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The Verger is an old English tradition that was primarily responsible for protecting processions. As such they carry a "verge" which was at the time a mace or small spear. Today Vergers are generally responsible for making sure worship goes smoothly and oversees the Acolytes, Servers, and Readers.

Craig was born in Dallas, Texas just prior to Americas’ entry into WWII. His family began attending St. Matthew’s Cathedral and it served as his family church home.  After serving in the U.S. Air Force during the Viet-Nam era he returned to Texas & completed college earning  B.A. degrees in History & Geography. He & wife Helen raised their large family within the extended parish family of St. Stephen’s, Sherman. Now retired from his career in the management of multi-plex theatres, he donates his time and talent to a variety of tasks around the parish.

As a lifelong member of the Episcopal Church I treasure the liturgy and traditions that are the hallmark of our worship. Serving as an Acolyte, Server & Master of Ceremonies for almost seventy years has in many ways defined my life.


Ed Colvin

The duties of the Sexton are many and varied... he keeps the physical plant in good working order. We are fortunate to have a person dedicated to the welfare of our Parish home. The Sexton works behind the scenes to insure things are in good repair and ready for the worship and fellowship activities of St. Stephen's parish.